the hungry caterpillar
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The hungry caterpillar

How do we control the urge not to eat the fridge when we get those hunger pangs?

Whether it’s lack of sleep, a bit too much wine the night before or you have turned into the hungry caterpillar overnight, we all know that when those hunger moments strike we can seriously lose control.

My key to controlling this is PREPARATION… if you have a ‘go-to’ healthy based snack in the fridge or cupboard it will save you from eating that loaf of bread, bag of crisps or anything else you can get your hands on.

TIP: Always remember ‘first is thirst’! ALWAYS drink a glass of water you could just be thirsty.

Below are some of my favourite go-to snack ideas, for more healthy tips and tricks subscribe to my newsletter on my home page.

1) Paprika chilli roasted sunflower seeds

You will need a big bag of organic sunflower seeds (note you want them shelled!) place your sunflower seeds in a bag and add ½ tbsp. of coconut oil paprika, salt (not too much!) and chilli powder to taste. Shake it all up making sure all seeds are coated. Shake the contents of the bag onto a baking tray, evenly spreading the seeds and stick under the grill for 4 minutes, ensure you keep a close eye on them as they can go from toasted to toast in minutes!

Stick your roasted sunflower seeds in a jar shake and store in a dry cupboard. These are perfect for snacking on or tossing on a salad for extra crunch and extra protein.

2) Spinach and avocado protein bags

In a bag throw in a handful of spinach ¼ avocado and a scoop of protein powder, stick it in the fridge along side a favourite nut free milk (I like to use oat milk) – when the hungry caterpillar strikes, throw your bag of ingredients along with your nut milk all together and whizz in a high speed blender. This is a perfect quick protein shake to balance those insulin levels.

3) Eggs, cress, mustard and pumpkin seeds

I know not everyone likes cress but forgive me I still have a secret love for these little green guys that have been around since pre school, if you don’t like cress you can substitute it for live sprouts, or spinach.

Hard boil your eggs for 10 mins, once boiled shell and mash up in a bowl add a dash of lemon juice, a pinch of Colman’s mustard powder, pumpkin seeds, your cress or cress substitute and S and P. This can be stored in tupper-ware to be served on top of ½ a courgette or cucumber.

4) Hummus and Crudité

If you prep your veggies before hand, then you always have something to dunk into your homemade humus. I like to cut up carrots, bell peppers, cucumber and courgette to be stored in a tupper-ware in the fridge TIP: if you like your veggies cold pour some cold water on top and store.

For a quick and easy humus drain one can of chickpeas, place in a high-speed blender with ½ tbsp. of tahini, juice of a lemon and some S and P and whizz. For an extra kick, throw on some paprika or sumac on top.

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