The perfect post workout toner

The perfect post workout toner

This is an absolute winner for me, its the perfect cleansing product for after my workouts. Known for its beauty benefits, rosewater has been used for centuries and here is why.

It has antibacterial properties perfect for clearing up any nasties after a sweaty gym routine! It also has antioxidant properties to help strengthen the skins cells and regenerate skin tissues.

Helps to fight breakouts and other skin conditions like eczema.

Helps to heal scars, cuts and wounds

It’s hydrating and cools the skin

Rosewater smooth’s the skin and acts as a moisturiser

It tones the skin and helps maintain your skins PH balance. Making it harder for skin infections to grow.

Helps to treat inflammations, so if you are someone who flares up after threading rosewater is a great product to soothe the skin.

Finally and most importantly it helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles!

Tip: I like to keep mine in the fridge so its always nice and cool, I put it on two cotton pads to soothe the eyes when using a face mask.

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