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Marcos Verissimo, the king of balayage

As girls we all know that hair is one of our most important features and we have all been there when it goes horribly wrong. Therefore when I got the opportunity to visit Neville’s, to have my colour done with their top stylist Marcos Verissimo, dubbed the King of Balayage, I couldn’t say no.

As I sit in the chair Marcos hones his artistic eyes onto my somewhat ginger/dark roots, as I explain to him that the only dye my hair has seen in the past year is the occasional Toni and Guy T section. Horrified Marcos gets to work…

Being Brazilian Marcos knows hair, and promises to have me looking like a Victoria Secret model in no time, with clients like Kate Hudson and Alessandra Ambrosio I have to say I am quite hopeful…

Marcos is clearly an artist, he paints my hair with such concentration I feel scared to breath in case I interrupt the master at work. He is using the Balayagegem technique, which is a French word, meaning to sweep or paint. This technique achieves a sun kissed natural look that I hope will make me look like I have spent all day on the glistening shores of the Maldives, as opposed to the wetter shores of the UK.

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Rather than foils Marcos uses cling film to lay over each section of hair and once painted I sit there for roughly 30 minutes. After it’s to the sink for a washout and treatment.

Post hair wash and treatment Marcos rough dries my hair telling me to not be alarmed If I look and perhaps feel a combo of darker and lighter all at once.

I close my eyes and let him dry… It is incredibly rare that you get a talented colourist who can also give a mean blow dry, I challenge any salon to offer these kind of multi talented individuals, but yet again with effort and ease and not painfully I might add, Marcus styles my newly balayaged locks into an LA dream and I finally take a look at his creation.

I have to say this is the first time I have ever LOVED my hair. The moral of the Story is Marcos deserves his balayage crown as far as I am concerned and many, many other crowns I will always be happy to be at the hands of Marcos Verissimo.


Neville’s Hair and Beauty

5 Pont St, Belgravia, London SW1X 9EJ

020 7235 3654

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