Birch Water

Birch Water from the ‘Miracle Tree’

When someone told me that there was such a thing as Birch water I put it down to yet another ‘super water’ craze, but having learnt about its healing properties and that it had x4 times less sugar than coconut water, not to mention the ability to cure cellulite I was converted!

Made from the sap of a birch tree, birch water is becoming hugely popular in the UK. Dubbed the ‘Tree of Life’ in Eastern Europe and China, the silver and North American birch has been used as a medicinal tree for centuries. As per usual Russia has cottoned on early and the drink is widely used throughout the country as well as Northern parts of China.

Birch water has a list of health benefits from relieving constipation, curing flu to flushing toxins. It even helps dandruff and other skin conditions due to its hydrating properties.

Similar to coconut water, birch boasts a high level of electrolytes, potassium and enzymes making it the perfect refuelling post work out drink, and my go to option.

The best news is, it has no sugar as it contains Xylitol, a natural calorie free sweetener – which means a 100ml bottle will only cost you 5 calories.

My go to brand is Sibberi as they stock in most major outlets including, Planet Organic, Partridges, Ocado, Waitrose and Selfridges and if you don’t want to leave the house you can buy it online via their website or Amazon.

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