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Beef and Veggie slow cooked stew


650g of beef (suitable for stewing) cut into good chunks 

1 handful of sage

1 onion

2 garlic cloves

2 tbsp. of tomato puree

2 parsnips

4 medium sized carrots

3 medium sized sweet potatoes

1/3 bottle of red wine

300 ml of good quality beef stock


1 knob of unsalted butter

I like to use a slow cooker for making this stew as I know I can just switch it on and go to bed or out for the day and a delicious stew will be waiting for me when I arrive home. The best thing about a slow cooker is you can throw anything into it making it a great way to get your family eating veggies! If you don’t have a slow cooker this can be cooked just as well in a large pot with a lid. If you aren’t using a slow cooker then you are able to add more wine into the recipe as it burns off better on a hob. 


Shake your beef chunks in a bag  with flour to ensure they are evenly coated, in a pan on a hob heat up your butter and gently fry your coated beef pieces until they are nicely seared. This is an important step as a slow cooker does’t reach a high enough temperature to sear meat.

Peel and slice your veggies (I like to cut my veggies into big and chunky shapes) now they are ready to go into your slow cooker once in, add your onion quartered, garlic, sage and tomato puree. Put the beef on top of your veggies and add red wine and stock turn the slow cooker to high and cook for 4 hours. NOTE once your beef is tender and falls apart your stew is done! Enjoy

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