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The best place for Shiatsu

Nestled high above London’s Park Lane, sits Shambhala’s Urban Escape and what an escape it is.

Como Shambhala is known for its wellness retreats, a way to escape from the buzzing city without having to leave it. Como has a fantastic team of wellbeing experts to focus on the best possible therapies for body and mind, and are incredibly focused on achieving wellbeing goals for their clients. 

Walking into Como Shambhala is instant bliss and amazingly I already start to feel relaxed and out of the city, it’s minimalist sleek interior is exactly what an already hectic mind needs, and the smell which I later find out is their own wellness range, ‘Invigorate’, is to die for.


As I sit down to wait for my Shiatsu I am given the best ginger, lemon and honey tea I have yet to taste. Desperate to find out the secret I am told the key is to simmer the ginger prior to serving.

Although Como is not a spa as its wellbeing insight is far too superior, it still has spa like features, the fluffy robes and slippers are divine to slip into after a tube commute and I am led to my treatment room which feels like a cosy wellbeing pod.

therapy room

Ayako who is my therapist is Japanese, and an expert in her field having trained in Japan and London for Shiatsu and acupuncture, and is one of the only people I know to have a masters in it.

She clearly knows what she is doing as her hands within the first minute walk right towards the tension I have been carrying.

Although Shiatsu isn’t recognised for its relaxation during treatment, as there is a lot of pressing, pulling and lengthening to release tension, it all feels incredibly positive and is the type of pain which can only be described as good pain.

Towards the end of my treatment Ayako notes that I do not stretch enough, a guilty secret of mine that I thought may never be uncovered, and when I admit that I am always the first to run out of my workout class pre stretch, she smiles. I am given a breakdown of her findings and ways in which I can combat the tension on my left side and to relieve it further.

As she tiptoes out of my treatment room I lie back and relish in the calm that has been set upon me. The surroundings and treatment have clearly had an affect leaving me feeling not only energised, tension free and invigorated but also with a resolve to stretch more and continue to nurture my body.

me at como

As a wellbeing blogger I think it is incredibly important to visit places that are well researched and with similar wellbeing intentions, Como Shambhala ticked all the boxes for me, and I would thoroughly recommend it. 

To purchase their Invigorate range please visit the following link


COMO Shambhala Urban Escape in COMO Metropolitan London

 Old Park Lane, London W1K 1LB

  +44 20 7447 1000





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