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My top tips for your workout

Here are my top 4 ultimate tips for honing your body


EAT – a lot of people think they need to starve themselves to achieve weight loss, remember firstly you have to eat fat and carbs to burn fat, without this your body simply doesn’t have enough fuel and eats away at your muscle which is not what you want! If you don’t eat, your body goes into starvation mode and holds onto the fat that you are trying to remove. TIP! Carbs stay in your system for a maximum of 3 hours before being stored, so if you are planning to do a workout try to eat carbohydrate 3 hours before and no later than one hour.


DON’T JUST WORK ON ONE AREA – everybody has heard that if they want a good booty then we have to do those dreaded squats and lunges, this is true however you have to work the whole body, upper and lower to achieve all over muscle tone which burns the calories! Don’t just focus on one area you will see quicker results working the whole body. If you are unsure of how to do this and find personal trainers pricey and intense, then get involved in classes at your gym e.g. bodypump, body conditioning I swear by these classes for an all over body workout.


REST! – Yes as much as you don’t want to, or think it wont aid weight loss rest days are just as important as weight days after big training sessions they allow your muscle to recover and grow. Aim to have 2-3 rest days per week dependent on your fitness level and workout regime.


DON’T FOCUS ON THE NUMBER – girls especially are obsessed with weighing themselves! You may not believe it but muscle weighs more than fat. I am always at my heaviest weight wise when I am in the best shape, so ignore those scales and stick to a favourite piece of clothing to judge your progress.







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