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How to keep balanced during the holiday season

Tis the season to be jolly but along with that comes serious over indulgence! Here are my top tips to keep you feeling healthy and balanced…

Try to keep a routine. A lot of people find that as soon as they have fallen out of a routine, they might as well continue until the New Year, this ends up costing you alot and will result in you feeling even worse come January. To stay motivated book  2-3 gym classes a week with a friend that you can’t back out of, this will keep you inspired and on track.


 Be smart with your invitations, between family get-togethers, Christmas parties and friends coming into town, it’s tempting to accept every invite! Plan your weeks well and try to ensure you have a couple of evenings where you can enjoy some downtime.

When attending a party that is inevitably going to have that overwhelming Christmas spread, be sure to eat before, this means that you wont walk through the door with a raging hunger, leading you to make bad food choices!


Sip smartly, try to be wise with your alcohol choice, a shot of gin and vodka mixed with soda water and fresh lime is a refreshing drink, which totals around 120 calories.. Another go to option is Prosecco at 80-120 cals a glass it’s a good option and the bubbles will prevent you from drinking it too fast..


Be careful of seasonal treats! Studies have shown that those products that pop-up around holiday seasons, are much more likely to be eaten and drank in large quantities as we perceive them to be in limited supply. So try to stay away from the festive drinks and snacks – they are also more calorific!


Pamper yourself this season! If you do have spare evenings, why not look on websites like for deals on facials, mani’s and pedi’s. It’s the perfect time to take advantage of these offers, whilst everyone else is out partying.

Lastly enjoy the season with friends and family!

Love Simply Stephanie x

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