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My number one health foods

These tasty foods below, all have things in common, they keep us fuller for longer and help balance our sugar levels.


Not only do they taste substantial, lentils are a great source of Iron. Iron is vital to keep your metabolism ticking (when you lack any nutrients your metabolism slows down), so keeping up your iron levels is imperative to burning fat.

Almonds and other natural nuts

I am nutty about nuts, I think they are one of the most wholesome snacks you can have, and are easy to eat even if your on the run. They contain healthy fats, antioxidants and protein, keeping you fuller for longer and helping to slim down your stomach. .


Eggs are the kings of health foods, packed with B12, which helps your body to metabolise fat, they are perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are packed with protein, 1 egg roughly contains around 6 grams- Helping to repair muscles.


This is my number one go to as far as bread is concerned. Sourdough is the most easily digested bread and also takes the longest to digest. The Rye flour found in sourdough also helps us to regulate our sugar levels, meaning that you wont be reaching for that chocolate bar boost, at 11am


Kefir is one of my favourite superfoods; the fermented milk, which can also be made from coconut water, is like a tart thin yoghurt drink. It can be used in everything, and is a great yoghurt substitute. It is nature’s natural probiotic and I firmly believe its qualities are a natural health tonic for our gut. My favourite time to drink it, is an hour before bedtime as it lines our gut with good bacteria. If you are someone that suffers from sweet cravings a sip of kefir should keep those cravings at bay.


There is a reason why every healthy blog contains an avocado or two. They are packed with fibre helping to suppress our appetite, as well as good fats.

Sweet potatoes

A staple in my household! Sweet potatoes contain a special starch, which resists digestive enzymes, keeping us fuller for longer. They are also rich in Vitamin A and C.


Clients always ask me why this is on the list, as oatmeal is high in carbs, people need to know that you need carbs to burn fat so starting the morning with a bowl of oaty goodness is great for you. The carbs in oatmeal are slow release again, keeping you fuller for longer – they also suppress the hunger hormone ghrelin. Just make sure they are steel cut and organic.

Organic Coconut Oil

From cooking with it, to using it as a hair mask this versatile oil is another favourite, and a must have in your kitchen. Full of good fats, its easier to digest and isn’t readily stored as fat.


Natures natural anti-inflammatory, cinnamon is one of my favourite spices. One of its greatest powers, is that it lowers blood sugar. My favourite tip is to stir it into your first coffee of the day, to maintain your sugar levels, keeping the mid morning hunger at bay.

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