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A fast fat burning routine

The gym doesn’t always have to take up too much of your time and we shouldn’t feel guilty about it. Try out this fat burning circuit that you can do anywhere and any time!

Lunge runs 

(1 minute interval)

Stand with feet hip width apart arms at your sides like you are running and start reverse lunges – keeping your core tight. Repeat


(1 minute interval)

Start by standing, drop into a squat position with your hands on the ground and kick your feet back into plank position with your arms extended, return to your squat position and jump up again keep your core tight. Repeat

Plank push ups

(1 minute interval)

Start in a plank position holding your core in, move your right foot to your right hand and your left foot to your left hand. Then reverse the movement moving your right leg and left leg back into plank position. Repeat

Ski position 

(1 minute interval)

Stand with feet hip width apart, knees slightly bent lowering your chest towards the ground in a ski position. Extend your arms up, pushing your hips forward swinging your arms up rising onto your toes and repeat.

Thrust squats

(1 minute interval)

Stand with your feet hip width apart into a squat position, pulling your hips forward jump up into a standing position and repeat.

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