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4 recipes to cleanse the kidneys

Below are 4 recipes for drinks that will cleanse your kidneys and filter your blood stream; here are a handful of reasons why you may want to detox your Kidneys. Please note it is advisable to consult your doctor if you are having issues with any of the following.

You’re feeling fatigued or more tired than usual.

You’re experiencing skin problems like eczema, acne or rashes.

You have a hormonal imbalance or feel extra moody.

You’re experiencing weight gain and bloating.

You have frequent or infrequent bladder problems or UTI’s.


Cleanse Tip: Almost anyone can benefit from doing a kidney cleanse. Throughout history, humans have always used fasting or cleansing as a way to detoxify not only the physical body, but the emotional body as well. If you’re already in good health, then doing a yearly kidney cleanse can be a gentle form of prevention for you.


Cranberry and Banana Smoothie


1 cup of water

1 cup of whole organic cranberries

1 banana

½ cup of ice


Blend all your ingredients together in a high-speed blender

**NOTE Cranberries reduce the calcium phosphate and are also proven to help clear and prevent UTI’s



Lemon and Apple Cider Vinegar


1 tsp. Organic apple cider vinegar (stick to 1 tsp. as ACV can be very strong)

Splash of Fresh lemon juice

2 cups of Purified water (you can use hot, warm or tepid water but try to ensure the temp of water is not too extreme)


Whizz all together in a high-speed blender

** NOTE the consumption of lemon juice increases the levels of citrate in the urine. This helps our kidneys avoid kidney stones ACV is also known to help with the prevention of Kidney stones.



Watermelon smoothie


2 cups Watermelon


1 Lime or lemon (peeled)



Blend all your ingredients together in a high-speed blender

**NOTE Watermelon is 92% water by weight, which means that it will help your body to flush the kidneys. It is also an amazing source of potassium, which is a mineral salt that can help to dissolve kidney stones allowing the residue to be passed. 




Beetroot juice


2 small raw beets peeled and chopped

1 small apple peeled and cored

50g of blueberries

½ thumb of ginger

350 ml of water


Blend all your ingredients together in a high-speed blender

**NOTE the high content of potassium makes beets useful against hypertension, but it also eliminates toxins and uric acid.



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