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Akasha Spa, Marta

Yoga with magnificent Marta

Akasha Spa Café royal hotel

A light therapy session with Marta Swiezynska.

Akasha is a little quiet corner in one of London’s busiest corners and as soon as you sink down into the basement of Akasha spa off the busy streets of Piccadilly you immediately feel like you are on cloud 9. Fortunately there is no signal in Akasha so once you are there you have no excuse but to lock your phone up in a locker for a peaceful hour with magnificent Marta.

We creep into the light therapy room and our greeted with warm embraces, its actually amazing what a hug can do for a 29 year old at 1pm in the middle of a busy day and I am instantly grateful for it.

I take my shoes and socks off and sit down on my yoga mat. Unlike other classes I don’t feel there is any time on this lesson and as Marta eases me into my breathing, she asks me what I would like to focus on and as always it’s to relax and be present. She thinks about this for a minute and the lesson begins…

I have to admit at this point, I have never been a yoga person I always felt my mind wondering off and if I am honest I was always a tad lazy with my posture and positions. I have really learnt from being in Marta’s class that it is very much to do with the instructor and that if they get you and you get them the experience is completely different.

The flow of Marta’s class was so calm and she is so gentle that it actually felt relaxing, her voice is much like an angel and her words are so flowery and wholesome that they really leave an imprint on your mind. Unlike other instructors when she feels you are out of position she gently pops you back and therefore every muscle in which I would usually take for granted was used acknowledged and stretched.

Similar to a massage I never wanted the class to end I could happily sit there all day in front of Marta soaking in the energy and embracing her attitude.

You can book lessons with Marta direct through Akasha Spa, Café Royal.

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