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ginger, nettle and mint iced tea
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Nettle, ginger and mint iced tea


1 thumb of ginger
1 packet of fresh mint
3 nettle tea bags
2 lemons quartered
Stevia (optional)


In a cafetiere place ginger, nettle tea bags, 1 quartered lemon and ¾ of your mint. Pour hot water over top and let it steep, after 20 minutes push the top of your cafetiere down and let it rest for a further 10mins until cooled. Once cooled place in a jug with ice and the rest of your lemon and mint – if you would like it sweeter add a few drops of stevia.

Benefits of Nettle tea

Stimulates the Lymph system
Helps to support your adrenals
Relieves arthritis
Helps with menstrual cramps and bloating
Supports Kidneys
Cures Allergic rhinitis