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Ginger and lemongrass tea
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lemongrass cleansing tea

Whether you have a cold or you are preventing a cold, this is my favourite cleansing drink for cruel winters. My favourite ingredient is lemongrass, which has incredible healing properties including but not excluding…

Inhibiting microbial and bacterial growth in the body

Cleansing the kidneys by increasing urination

Boasts antipyretic properties to help bring down fever

Works as an antiseptic for both internal and external wounds

Reduces pain and inflammation in joints, muscles and teeth.


½ stalk of grated fresh lemongrass

1 thumb of ginger (grated)

8 drops of Echinacea

2 tbsp. of pure lemon juice

1 litre of hot water

**optional add ½ a bunch of mint

**note always grate the ginger with the skin on the majority of gingers healing properties is found between the ginger root and the skin, most people remove this when pealing ginger.


Place all the ingredients together in a thermos flask and sip throughout the day.