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The Pure Package
Fitness and Wellbeing

The Pure Package 3 day cleanse

In the spirit of January I decided to try out the Pure Package, 3 day cleanse. I had heard a lot about Jennifer Irvine the founder, and knew that she had similar food values. Jennifer believes in natural food consumption but recognises that in London with stressful jobs, not everybody has time to create clean meals.

The beauty of Pure Package is that they deliver to your door daily so you don’t have to worry about stacks of tupper-wear invading your fridge, as well as this; it’s easier to know what to eat, when.

Sure enough first thing Monday morning a beautiful Pure Package arrived on my doorstep consisting of three meals, a Pure Package extra large mug and a blender (*included for an additional fee), to ensure that I had the right equipment to blend my morning’s smoothies. If the packaging was anything to go by I knew it was going to be a success.

The 3 days consisted of smoothies for breakfast, all deliciously tasting. The ingredients were unique and I especially loved the sheep’s yoghurt, having a slight intolerance to dairy means that I am always on the look out for dairy free substitutes.

Lunches were mostly miso broths, the only thing I would say is that if you are not a fan of miso or avoiding tofu, it’s best to let them know prior to your cleanse. If you are also going to be working out during your cleanse and need more fuel, I would swap dinner for lunch.

Dinners were absolutely delicious, the most notable one being steamed organic sea bream in a Thai green curry on a bed of brown rice. With it being one of my favourite dishes I was pleased to say they cracked the clean version and I loved the choice of fish.

One of my favourite things about this cleanse was how easy they made it, everything from small tubs of freshly chopped ginger and mint for your afternoon tea to the packaging, it’s an idiots guide for detoxing with a luxury element which is exactly what you want. The packages are perfectly compact to pick up and take into work if you are on the go, and all you need is a microwave for the lunches. As described by many a celeb, ‘Pure Package is an absolute life savour and a pleasure to eat’.